Orion Beta

Leap Motion co-founder and CEO, Michael Buckwald talks with Robert Scoble about VR and their new Orion Beta at the Collision conference in New Orleans

Karen Sittig

At the Secret conference in NY Karen Sittig a software engineer building tools that simultaneously improve developer efficiency and protect the data on Facebook. Previously, she worked as a data scientist before realizing she preferred securing distributed systems to actually … Continue reading

Brett Thomas

At the Secret conference¬†in NY Brett Thomas CTO of Vindicia, a solution for optimizing subscription revenue. Brett was an early engineer at PGP, and will discuss what it was like to be a “foot soldier’ in the crypto wars. Brett … Continue reading

Melanie Ensign

At the Secret conference in NY Melanie Ensign spoke as a professional communications adviser dedicated to the infosec community. In additional to her work as public relations Goon for DEFF CON and r00tz Asylum, Ensign does Security Communiations. Ensign’s expertise … Continue reading

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