Tag: microprocessor

  • Intel Fellows 2016

    For the past ten years at Intel’s Developer conference IDF the Intel Fellows have hosted a session of questions and answers.

  • Intel’s Advanced Process Technologies

    Intel drives the innovations in integrated circuit technology by delivering superior performance, power, density and cost per transistor. At IDF’16 we learned how the industry can access Intel’s advanced process technologies and manufacturing capabilities to produce a broad range of integrated circuit products through Intel Custom Foundry.

  • Intel 14nm Microarchitecture

    IDF 2014 Intel next generation 14 nanometer microarchitecture from the Team that created it.

  • Intel 14nm Process

    Mark Bohr an Intel Senior Fellow and director of Process Architecture and Integration talked about 14 nanometer process technology At IDF 2014

  • Big Data at Intel

    Ajay Chandramouly explains how Intel deals with their big data

  • Intel Fellows Live 2013

    Steve Pawlowski , Intel Senior Fellow, CTO, Datacenter and Connected Systems Group, is the moderator. Mark Doran, Chief Platform Software Architect, System Software Division Ticky Thakker, Director, Platform Architecture – Smartphone and Tablet Hong Jiang, Chief Media Architect and Director, Visual and Parallel Computing Group Media Architecture Team Belli Kuttanna, Chief Architect, Intel Atom Link…