Tag: Intel

  • Intel’s Advanced Process Technologies

    Intel drives the innovations in integrated circuit technology by delivering superior performance, power, density and cost per transistor. At IDF’16 we learned how the industry can access Intel’s advanced process technologies and manufacturing capabilities to produce a broad range of integrated circuit products through Intel Custom Foundry.

  • Intel Fellows 2015

    IDF 2015 and the Intel Fellows once again answer questions LIVE

  • Intel Optane Memory

    Rob Crooke, an Intel Senior VP and Non-volatile Memory Solutions Group GM and Al Fazio, an Intel Fellow and Director of Memory Technology Development in the Technology and Manufacturing Group, give the first public deep dive on Intel Optane Memory

  • Intel IoT Ingenuity

    At IDF 2015 Ajay Mungara and Daniel Holmlund talk about Building on the Intel IoT Platform

  • Intel RealSense Technology

    Dr Achintya Bhowmik VP of Intel’s New Tehnology Group and GM of Perceptual Computing talked and demonstrated the possibility of RealSence at IDF 2015 in San Francisco.

  • Skylake Graphics Architecture

    David Blythe, Intel Fellow and Chief Graphics Architect, Exascale Systems talks about the upcoming Skylake Graphics at IDF 2015 San Francisco