Tag: innovation

  • Hydrogen Car

    I got a look at my first Hydrogen Car at CES and it’s a game changer from Toyota call Mirai

  • FirstBuild

    Mary Beckmann and Justin Berger talked about FirstBuild a GE backed incubator in Louisville, KY at BigApps NYC

  • Douglas Engelbart Remembered

    This week marked the anniversary of a groundbreaking 1968 lecture by computer pioneer Doug Engelbart and colleagues at SRI International, that changed the lives of those that were there, and even changed the lives of those that heard about it from others that were there. Theodor Holm Nelson, who first spoke the word hypertext, has…

  • Christine Furstoss

    Christine Furstoss, global technology director — manufacturing & materials technologies, GE Global Research Center spoke at the Make Hardware Innovation Workshop in NYC

  • Bre Pettis

    Bre Pettis spoke at the Maker Hardware Innovation Workshop in NYC about his MakerBot

  • Woz on Innovation and Motivation

    Steve Wozniak at about innovation,  motivation and that fruit company