Category: software

  • Cloud-Aware Applications

    David Casper, CTO, Moogsoft at Forecast 2014 in San Francisco talked about developing Cloud-Aware apps. David is also Co-Chair, Infrastructure Workgroup, ODCA

  • Iron Foundry

    Jared Wray, Founder and CEO of source project that extends Cloud Foundry to the .NET Framework Tier 3 Closes $10M Series B Funding Led by Intel Capital

  • RiverTrail

    RiverTrail from Intel Labs achieves significant speedup over sequential JavaScript. Download RiverTrail and try it for yourself

  • Enterprise Ireland

    Kevin Sherry and Nick Marmion of in San Francisco with Gene Murphy from the Irish start-up RedeamAndGet

  • Rob Chandhok Apps and Services

    At had many long questions written on sheets of paper, surely there’s an app for that?

  • Data Center Software Innovation

    At Forecast 12 Andrew Stokes,Chief Scientist,Deutsche Bank Global Technology. Elad Yoran, Chairman and CEO Vaultive. Gordon Haff, Cloud Evangelist, Red Hat. Greg Brown, VP and CTO, Cloud and Data Center solutions, McAfee. John En. gates, CTO, Rackspace. Reuven Cohen, Senior Vice President Virtustream