Category: Secret Conference

  • Yan

    At the Secret conference in NY Yan, who does stuff for pervasive engineer at Brave Software., @EFF Technology Fellow, & @w3ctag member..

  • Ron Schnell

    At the Secret conference in NY Ron Schnell spoke from 40 years of experience in computer programming. Kernel Programmer for UNIX at Bell Laboratories, A/IX at IBM, and Solaris at Sun Microsystems. Hacking partner of Kevin Mitnick, business partner of Sylvester Stallone, Bill Gates’s worst nightmare as chief executive of The Technical Committee; the organization…

  • Michael Shinn

    At the Secret conference in NY with Michael Shinn, Computer Security and Forensics Analyst for the White House who’s helped develop the first commercial intrusion detection device. He’s also the Co-founder of Plesk.

  • Karen Sittig

    At the Secret conference in NY Karen Sittig a software engineer building tools that simultaneously improve developer efficiency and protect the data on Facebook. Previously, she worked as a data scientist before realizing she preferred securing distributed systems to actually using them.

  • Brett Thomas

    At the Secret conference in NY Brett Thomas CTO of Vindicia, a solution for optimizing subscription revenue. Brett was an early engineer at PGP, and will discuss what it was like to be a “foot soldier’ in the crypto wars. Brett has particular expertise in the design and implementation of high volume e-commerce systems, encryption, and…

  • Whitney Merrill

    At the Secret conference in NY Whitney Merrill is an attorney and graduate student in computer science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign specializing in information security, computer crime, privacy, surveillance, and Internet law. Her current research focuses on Android privacy, digital forensics, and the legal and usability issues surrounding encryption. She is a…